Applied Arts Museum
Budapest, Hungary (1998)

The exhibition “George Peck, Painting” appeared at the Applied Arts Museum, Budapest, Hungary in 1998. These paintings were created during Peck’s period of teaching at the Fine Arts Academy in Budapest, and they represented the beginnings of a new direction, where the cracks and perforations of the net materials changed the architectural structure of the piece. This investigation continues, and appears in the following exhibitions at the Fine Arts Academy, Varfok Gallery, Trans-Hudson Gallery, and Mü-Terem Gallery. In Art In America, Janet Koplos wrote, “In George Peck’s paintings, the brushstroke has become increasingly elusive and now seems more of a remembrance than a presence,” going on to say that, “the works read as shapes from afar and as plays of intimate incident up close” (Janet Koplos, Art in America, 1999).




Installation View


Installation View




Mirror Painting IV, 1997
Acrylic, Graphite, Polymer, Silver, Gold, Water Color on Muslin on Linen
128″ x 63″


Untitled Network, 1997
Acrylic, Graphite, polymer, Silver and Gold on Muslin, Rice Paper on Nylon
Scrim/Textile. 131″ x 140″


Invitation to installation (1997)


Applied Arts Museum, Budapest, Hungary (1997)



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