George Peck

A New York based artist born in Budapest, Hungary, George Peck has been living in the United States since 1957, based both in New York City and in Buskirk, NY. His works in painting, as well as his installations, have been ongoing investigations in light, color and materials. Peck is also compelled to respond to sociopolitical environments.



City College of New York, B.A. 1963

Yale University, 1964 – 1966, visiting student

Hunter College, 1966 – 1967, visiting student



Visiting Professor, Hungarian University of Fine Arts



2018. BOOKBURN / Library of Books Burned*
Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust, New York, NY
*collaboration with Hugo Perez

Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany

2009. Ladies and Gentlemen…
Little Synagogue Gallery, Eger, Hungary

2005. Ernst Museum, Budapest, Hungary

2003. Florence Lynch Gallery, New York, NY

2002. Layered Time Layered Paint,
(Selected Paintings Spanning Thirteen Years),
Kiscelli Museum, Budapest, Hungary

2000. Varfok Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
          The Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary

1999. Kate Ganz Gallery USA, Ltd, New York, NY
          Trans Hudson Gallery, New York, NY

1998. Trans Hudson Gallery, New York, NY.

1997. Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest, Hungary.

1996. Trans Hudson Gallery, New York, NY.

1995. Kunsthalle (Mücsarnok), Budapest, Hungary.
          Törökfürdõ (Turkish Bath), Budapest, Hungary.
          Fine Arts Museum, Budapest, Hungary.

1994. America Haus, Frankfurt, Germany.

1990. Image Gallery, Stockbridge, Mass.

1985. Bette Stoler Gallery, New York, NY.

1983. Bette Stoler Gallery, New York, NY.

1980. Toni Birckhead Gallery, Cincinnati, OH.

1979. Susan Caldwell, Inc., New York, NY.

1977. Susan Caldwell, Inc., New York, NY.



2018. Bridging Boundaries, Corcoran School of the Arts and Design, Washington, DC

2016. GAMEclip, MODEM, Centre for Modern and Contemporary Arts,


2010. Dash Gallery, New York, NY

2010. Mediating the Message, La Maison Francaise, Columbia University, NY, NY

2009. Mélyvíz, Applied Arts Museum, Budapest, Hungary

2008. Random Utterness, Hungarian Cultural Center, New York, NY

2007. The Black Madonna, Birminham Civil Rights Institute, Birmingham, AL

2003. Seeing Red, Part II: Contemporary Nonobjective Painting, Hunter College / Times Square Gallery, New York, NY

2002. Color – A Mind Of It’s Own,Kunsthalle (Mücsarnok), Budapest, Hungary

2001. Monochrome/ Monochrome?, Florence Lynch Gallery, New York, NY.

2000. Directions, Janos Gat Gallery, New York, NY.

1999. Acrylic/Plastic, Trans Hudson Gallery, New York, NY.

1997. Variations of Structure, Trans Hudson Gallery, New York, NY.

1997. After The Fall, Snug Harbor, Staten Island, NY.

1996. Current Geometries in Abstraction, Trans Hudson Gallery, New York, NY.

1996. Sight Uncertain, Trans Hudson Gallery, Jersey City, NJ.

1994. Moveable Feast of American Art, American Embassy, Bonn, Germany.

1993. Selections 93, Art Gallery at Hunter College, New York, NY.

1992. Abstraction and Reality, Montgomery Center, Jersey City, NJ.
          American Abstract Artists Persistence of Abstraction,Traveling Exhibition, Edwin A. Ulrich Museum, Wichita, KS.

1989. American Abstract Artists, 55 Mercer Street, New York, NY.

1983. Content in Abstraction: The Uses of Nature, The High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA.

1980. Drawings, Leo Castelli Gallery, New York, NY.
          In The Realm of The Monochromatic, Susan Caldwell, Inc., New York, NY.

1979. Gallery Group Exhibition, Susan Caldwell, Inc., New York, NY.

1976. Artists Invite Artists, Susan Caldwell, Inc., New York, NY.



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2002. Layered Time Layered Paint. Film by Gyorgy Beck. 12 minutes, 12 seconds,

2002. George Peck. Interview: Duna TV. 3 minutes, am and pm.
Budapest, Hungary, September 29, 2002.

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