Works on Paper
Kate Ganz Gallery
New York, NY (1999)

An exhibition entitled “Works on Paper 1993 – 99” appeared at Kate Ganz gallery in 1999. These pieces are part of the body of work that was on display variously between 1993 and 1999, appearing four times at the Trans Hudson Gallery, as well as at the Fine Arts Academy, the Applied Arts Museum, and Mü-Terem Gallery. In these works, increasingly the lines exceed the limits of a rectangular canvas altogether and become seeming fissures in the walls themselves. Jonathan Goodman wrote of the work, “Peck takes a knife to the finished image and makes linear cuts into the paper, so that each drawing becomes a network of incisions that seem to release both light and energy” (Jonathan Goodman, Art on Paper, March-April 2000)


Composite Picture (detail) (1994)

Polymer, graphite, and paper on paper, 39.5″ x 27.5″



Composite Picture (First) (IV) (1993)

Polymer, graphite, pastel, and paper on paper, 30″ x 21.5″



Composite Picture (1994)

Polymer, graphite, and paper on paper, 39.25″ x 25.5″




This entire body of work can be found