Studio Update #7

Dear ALL,

Spring is upon us and with the help of vaccinations, there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel.
A few months ago, when the pandemic was just starting to take hold, I decided to open my studio in order to contribute as an artist to this dire situation by creating a communicative interactive video project “Imperfect Perfect”.

The concept was that anyone with or without any set skills could join into an adventure of improvisation, making storyboards with watercolors.
With my guidance and Ruby’s wicked sense of humor, it was for you the audience to get involved and have fun, using watercolors to explore.

It was certainly pure enjoyment and play in creating this project. Now, we are concluding “Imperfect Perfect ” with one final episode featuring more behaving badly but painting well with Ruby and her friends. The animated segment should give you an idea that this could continue–that remains a future possibility.

This TRILOGY can be experienced in full again if you will view it in the order it was made. You can also just watch our newest installment, The Finale.

Enjoy it and create your storyboards. Don’t forget: Imperfect could be fun, could be Perfect.

The Studio Update will continue with glimpses into what is going on in the studio.
Energy and exploration are the name of the game.

Wishing you all well. Be safe and take care of each other,

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3