Studio Update #5

Dear all,

I hope you have been taking care and staying healthy since my last Studio Update.

I am opening my studio for you to come in and experience some aspects of the works, and I feel that it is part of my contribution to this new reality the pandemic has created.

With lighthearted good humor coupled with creative skill I hope I will engage you, the viewer.

Back in June I shared three short teasers for a video I have been working on called Imperfect Perfect:

Through improvisational watercolor I embrace humor, the unexpected, and the theatrical, figuratively inserting myself and you into a scenario and painting it from the perspective of an imaginary or real experience.

While the video, due to technical difficulties, contains some noticeable errors – it is certainly not perfect – I wanted to share it with you regardless. This way, it aligns with its core message that sometimes what might be imperfect can actually be exhilarating and a great thing.

The exploration is what matters!


Please visit this link to watch the video in full:


I hope you take on the challenge and, if you feel so inspired, send Ruby (c/o GP..) your own perfectly imperfect video or photograph in which you attempt to create a watercolor storyboard of your story from your own home.

She may pick yours to feature next time…

Good luck and let’s get to work,

1. This video circles back to a concept that has been an important aspect of conceiving my video installations – such as in the BOOKBURN project: storyboarding.



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