Studio Update #2



I hope that you are faring well through this new reality. Connecting virtually is the new normal. What are other artists doing in quarantine? Send me a new discovery! I work on projects old and new in the studio and in my garden. I prune my crab apple trees. Hopefully, the print out of Double, 1968 (from our last newsletter) inspired you. We enjoyed responses from a number of friends who printed it out and are living with the piece.




I wanted to share Barbara Flick’s (an Angelino) response to the cut-out: “Since I am sprouting heirloom tomato seeds I have printed out multiple copies of Double and placed it near the young plants: they need support and inspiration just as I do.”

Lucas Fernandez placed the cut-out Double on his window overlooking downtown Manhattan and the Hudson anticipating my newest project:

Pandemic Series – MC / a kit –


– MC / a kit – was developed for an exhibition last year in Berlin(1).

The virus’s new rules have reimagined the kit’s meaning. To this day it lives on a window in my studio. In this new world of sequestered quarantine, we are inside more than ever. Placing the kit upon the window recontextualizes the view.

– MC / a kit – reminds us that ART LIVES INSIDE AND OUTSIDE. Like Double, 1968, – MC / a kit’s – configuration is, I believe, perfectly balanced. During these uncertain days, I’m encouraged by its stability: how it radiates hope and optimism.


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