Studio Update #1



Double, 1968
Acrylic fluorescent on canvas
35 x 35 inches





My Dear Friends,

This quarantine is multifaceted. It is an uncertain time, a time to care for yourself and loved ones and a time to be hopeful about the future. Moreover, this is a time to focus concentrate. The artist Maholy Nagy said: “A dwelling should be not a retreat from space, but life in space.”
Today is an excellent day for a Studio Update. My studio is fully functioning Upstate; I am continuing with ongoing works, new projects, and revisiting old ones. I am a chess player in simultaneous display.

These are tough days, but art has never been more crucial. I wanted to reach out to you as if extending a hand straight from the studio. In 1968 I made a painting called Double. It marked a critical pivot in my work. I still believe, as I did then, that this painting expressed optimism, a positive vision, and possibility.

I want to give you Double through this virtual medium:

1. Print it out and proceed to cut it out.
2. Place scotch tape on each corner allowing it to best adhere to the wall.
3. Find an appropriate location in your space to place it.
4. Once placed, it can be glanced at and allowed to shine. It will become a small tangible scale “painting.

In printing it out, we recommend the brightest ink you can choose on your printer. We encourage you to share a photograph of Double in your space with us.
You will be hearing from us in the months ahead. So stay tuned for new visions and insights and concepts that would surprise me as it could you. Feel free this concept of this cutout with friends and others you believe would appreciate it.

Stay safe and in touch as we are all in the same space and world.

With all best wishes,





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