Painting, Trans Hudson Gallery (1998)

This exhibition, simply entitled “Painting”, represented Peck’s third exhibition at Trans Hudson Gallery, following his 1994 exhibition “Composite Pictures” and his 1996 exhibition of the same title, and shortly thereafter followed by another in 1999, entitled “Plastic Painting”. This second exhibition represented a shift from its precursor – in these works, the lines exceed the limits of a rectangular canvas altogether and become seeming fissures in the walls themselves. The 1999 exhibition “Composite Pictures” furthers this exploration. Janet Koplos wrote of the exhibition, “In George Peck’s paintings, the brushstroke has become increasingly elusive and now seems more of a remembrance than a presence” (Art in America, April 1999).


Untitled Network ll (1998)
Acrylic, Graphite, Polymer, Silver, Gold on Muslin, Rice Paper on Textile
142.5″ x 182″


Time Piece l (1998)
Acrylic, Graphite, Polymer, Silver on Muslin on Canvas. 155.5″ x 121.5″