Mü-Terem Gallery
Budapest, Hungary (1998)

A single piece, “Untitled Laminate”, appeared at Mü-Terem Gallery in 1998. This painting and collage was related to the works that appeared variously at the Applied Arts Museum (in the 1997 exhibition “George Peck, Painting”), Fine Arts Academy gallery (in the 2000 exhibition “Networks”), Varfok Gallery (in the 2002 exhibition “Plastic Painting – Plastic Graft”), and in several Trans Hudson Gallery exhibitions between 1994 and 1999. In this alternative space, one single painting was shown. Edit Andras, in an essay entitled “Painting at the Crossroads”, wrote of this period of Peck’s work, “It has a strongly fragmented quality and is pregnant with associations; thus, the artist can bring to the surface repainted, forgotten, or suddenly foregrounded memories or traces of memories, and even more so his hardened, and hardly visualizable sensations” (Art Today, May 2000).



Installation view, Mü-Terem Gallery, Budapest, Hungary (1998), featuring “Untitled Laminate” (1998)






Mü-Terem Gallery (Exterior)



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