Bridging Boundaries
Corcoran School of Arts and Design
Washington, DC (2018)

The work of George Peck and Mary Miss, together with the Kewa artists, appeared in Bridging Boundaries at the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design in Washington, DC in 2018. In 2016, Peck and Miss collaborated with artists from the Santo Domingo Pueblo in Santa Fe, New Mexico on the Santo Domingo Heritage Trail Arts Project. The reopening of Bridging Boundaries, Professor Joseph Kunkel’s exhibition that deals with division and unification and centers on collaborations with Native America, sees the inclusion of work from the Santo Domingo Heritage Trail Arts Project. The second exhibition installment opened in June and runs through August 19th, 2018.


The Santo Domino Heritage Trail Arts Project can be found HERE


Corcoran installation shot (2018)



Corcoran installation shot (2018)

featuring George Peck (left), and Joseph Kunkel (right)


Corcoran reopening (2018)

featuring, left to right: Andrew Klubertanz, Jennifer Zazo Brown, George Peck, Joseph Kunkel, Laura Erdos Fernandez, & Olivia Georgia