Atmospheric Readings (2010)


Installation at Columbia University’s Maison Fran├žaise, New York (2010)

This installation was connected to momentary streaming of local air pollution data, made visible in a video installation. This project was the result of a collaboration between George Peck and Doctor Ramona Lall, an environmental researcher, bringing to life the aim of this project: to make pollution visible as a way to facilitate conversation.

The exhibition is comprised of streams of actual atmospheric information on one TV monitor, and from two projectors onto a mesh sculpture.



Atmospheric Readings (2010) Installation at Columbia University


Atmospheric Readings (2010)




When Peck visited the ancient city of Calcutta, its beauty seemed to to register through dust and staleness. The oppressive nature of the atmosphere seemed only to increase and become unbearable, even as the vivid colors of the streets glowed. The beauty seemed to distort itself in pollution, and the effects were mesmerizing. The installation “Calcutta Fumato” was an examination of color altered by a polluted environment in reaction to the beauty and horror of this experience. The project reproduces projected color into a simulated environment. This body of work deals with this experiment, where beauty and horror augment one another. These pieces were created in partnership with Doctor Ramona Lall, in order to put these artistic creations in relation to a scientific context.